Retailers' Biggest Mobile Challenges

April 04 2013

According to RSR, "Retailers should assume that all of consumers' purchase decisions will be made with the influence of information made available on mobile devices."

With that said the TOP 3 biggest mobile challenges for retailers today are:

57% of retailers state that their biggest challenge is that their consumers are using mobile devices to shop, so they need to be there.

40% of retailers have difficulty coordinating with other channels to create a seamless cross-channel experience.

37% of retailers are already seeing significant mobile traffic and know that they need to respond.

To keep in line with this shift in consumer behavior retailers are already setting objectives for their mobile strategy.

These objectives include:

  • Enhancing their overall brand.
  • Using mobile to serve as an extension of their existing ecommerce offering, with hopes of increasing store sales.
  • Providing a new selling channel.
  • Keeping up with competitors.
  • Empowering their employees.
  • Giving consumers the ability to match products and prices of their competitors.

Having supplier and product information in a centralized solution gives businesses the ability to distribute information to multiple sales channels and enables them to create a seamless omni-channel experience for their customers, accelerate time-to-market, increase employee productivity, all while maintaing their brand(s).

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What are some of your biggest mobile challenges?

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