Product Information Visibility is Key to Omni-Channel Success

June 25 2014

There’s more to an omni-channel strategy than examining mobile commerce. As consumers expect greater selection, speed and service, managing raw materials, promoting products and shipping/warehousing goods become exponentially more complex. Multiple factors are behind a paradigm shift in consumer demand, therefore retailers must reformulate their omni-channel strategies and that cannot happen without examining supply chain visibility.

For retailers, providing a consistent consumer experience across all sales channels is critical. To fulfill this promise, full visibility of information across the supply chain has to be accurate. Fragmented and inconsistent product information can lead to items erroneously being recorded as out of stock, slow introductions of new product lines, and the inability to alter merchandising on the fly in response to changing business conditions. With so many information systems used today, retailers must aggregate information in order to make informed business decisions, therefore it is imperative to foresee problems before they occur, giving retailers a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

A PIM solution helps manage the challenges associated with conflicting product information, business processes and workflows, and creating, cleansing and publishing product content by creating an enterprise wide repository of product information. With this single view, retailers can effectively manage products that are housed in disparate systems across the enterprise. Managing the life cycle of the product, such as on-boarding, editing/deleting an existing product, as well as temporarily or permanently removing a product from the supply chain are all benefits of a PIM solution.

The extent to which retailers adapt and evolve will determine who succeeds in an omni-channel environment. Visibility into your information supply chain will eliminate or avoid problems and improve opportunities. In today’s world, we know problems are going to occur regardless of how well we plan. Retailers today have to be responsive and agile enough to manage these situations and having full visibility enables retailers that flexibility.



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